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    Mar 12, 2009
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    I have a slim PS3 with a dying Harddrive. It took several tries to manage to make a backup, but I got one. And it seemed to restore fine... but the issue is I don't know for sure if it worked perfectly, or if it either backed up, or even restored corrupted data.

    Does anyone know if the PS3 performs in any way any sort of verification either while creating the backup, or while restoring it to make sure the files it's restoring are not corrupted? Or does it just assume that everything is fine and restores whatever is in the backup? Because if it doesn't, then for all I know there could be games where some of their files were restored corrupted and I wouldn't know unless I actually run into a corrupted area someday and the game crashes.

    Does anybody know if the PS3 performs any sort of verification so I can know for sure or not if it checked to make sure it didn't restore anything corrupted?

    Especially since I attempted that "HDD Exchange Utility" that Rebug offers under it's Debug options, and it failed every time. It was rare that it would even finish without tossing me ERROR 8001000B, and when it did, the PS3 would immediately reject the new HDD saying it needs to be reformatted and then telling me to attempt the transfer again. This makes me worry that if it was unable to clone the HDD using an official (if normally hidden from consumers) transfer feature, that the backup actually failed too but I just haven't hit a corrupted section of the restored backup yet.
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    Feb 4, 2015
    Normally before doing a backup a ps3 does that error looking up thingy that I forgot the name off wich you also have in recovery menu. So you should be fine, I don't think rebugs option features that. You could always try again and check the hard disk for any faults that there could be by doing so in recovery menu
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