1. Zico

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    Sep 14, 2018
    just purchased a wii u from ebay uk, i was told it has cfw and it came with a 500gb external hdd has around 10-15 wii u games like zelda botw, windwaker, skyward sword, paper mario, hyrule warriors etc etc etc etc ,
    Now i m trying to (load/install) games i want to play like xenoblade chronicles 2, i want to run snes emulator, i just cant do it, i dnt know what to do,

    First i tried connecting the hdd to my laptop and copy games directly there, i tried, my laptop does detect butin a way i guess like in wbfs format like in wii, but i dnt know what software to use so that my pc becomes compatible with the hdd, allowing to copy downloaded games

    Second there is no homebrew channel in the wii u, i did try loadiine.ovh from the tablet it does load the homebrew channel but it straight takes me to make new mii character, i stopped there. ( Should i have continued ? ) i dint continue because i was wondering dosent homebrew need a ds game that u can never touch , there appears to b no such folder/file, in my wii u tablet

    Third i was thinking why not just format everything and update my wii u to 5.5.2, (mine is 5.5.1) and follow one of the tutorials buying my own game from e store which will b required to do cfw, but now i m reading that even if i format my wii u to factory setting the cfw will remain , is it true ?

    PLEASE HELP I M SUPER FRUSTRATED ( my knowledge on cfw is a bit limited but i can follow instructions, i did manage to run wii u launcher today )
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