Discross: Access Discord from the Xbox 360 Internet Explorer

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    Discross: Access Discord from everywhere including the Xbox 360 Internet Explorer !

    Hello everyone, today I present you Discross, a new way to access Discord from any device with a basic web browser including Xbox 360's Internet Explorer (available on Xbox Live store for free) through a redone simplified web portal compatible on a big range of devices, starting Windows 95! Implemented by circuit10, Discross is currently in experimentation in our Discord server.

    How to use it?

    It's very easy! 3 steps and you're good to go:
    1️⃣ - Get your connection code on The Wii Hacking House Discord server by using ^connect in #bot-commands channel:
    2️⃣ - Register to https://app--discross.repl.co/ with that connection code
    3️⃣ - Login to the web portal on the device you would like to use it on
    ▶️ - Enjoy Discross and connect to all the servers you and the bot are on!

    Where to use it?
    Almost everywhere a basic browser is present! Windows 95 for example is confirmed working with.

    Do I will get banned?
    No, Discross uses webhooks to the server, doesn't use your token and respects the ToS as it is not a custom client but a wrapper for the webhook.

    Discross is still in beta and in development, so keep in touch with Discross support and updates in the server in the #discross room of the server. We at the server are collaborating to the development of the service. Happy Discrossing!
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