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Dec 17, 2007
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I'm attempting to use Dipstar Version 5.11 to Cheat in Harvest
Moon DS, but there are a few things that continue to vex me.

Master Code
The first thing I've tried to do is figure out what the Master Code
to my ROM (Harvest Moon DS) is. After all, I'm not going to get
much of anything done without that, right? It took me a bit to
figure out how to run NDSMas.exe, a program that came bundled
in my original .zip file, but I have that up and running...or so I
think. When I enter the appropriate command line, I'm informed
that my Master Code is F21395A8 E12FFF1E, which should
work, but doesn't. Rather, the game freezes just a split-second
before I get to the New Game and Load Game options.

Does anyone know another method of searching for the Master
Code? Google Search got me nada, so it seems I need to find
another program.

Action Replay Code Conversion

One of the most important things I've been trying to wrap my
head around is the concept that Action Replay codes are
supposedly easy to convert to Dipstar Codes, but I have to admit
that the one or two 'Guides' to conversion are...well...pretty much
crap. Here's how I think it's supposed to work, and if you find
any flaws, please let me know!

Action Replay
1XXXXXXX 0000YYYY - 16bit
2XXXXXXX 000000YY - 08bit

0XXXXXXX 000000YY - 08bit
1XXXXXXX 0000YYYY - 16bit

Going by the model, it would seem that any Action Replay code
starting with '0' should be considered 32bits. i'm not sure why,
but I'll assume it has something to do with some technical jargon
that's currently beyond me. Anyways, as that's the case, you
would use the Dipstar 32bit Model to re-write it, thusly
converting it. I'll toss in a few quick codes as examples.

Harvest Moon DS
Max/Infinite Money
AR: 023D6B08 05F5E0FF
DS: 223D6B08 05F5E0FF

As you can see, these codes are both nearly identical. The only
differance between the two is the fact that we've changed the
first character from '0' to '2'. Let's try a differant code to ensure
that I'm correct in my assumptions concerning the overall pattern.

Harvest Moon DS
Extra Stamina
AR: 223D6B06 000000FF
DS: 023D6B06 000000FF

Once again it's a very simple matter to convert Action Replay
codes to Dipstar codes...or so it seems. As of the time of this
posting, I haven't found a single thread that allows a user to
convert anything other than codes with starting values of 0, 1 or
2. It seems that poor folks like us will need someone with the
intelligence and wherewithal to hack into ROMs to find other

Entering The Codes

And finally I enter the codes themselves. Maybe this is where I'm
going wrong, though I don't see how. My entry is as follows...

00: F21395A8 E12FFF1E
01: 223D6B08 05F5E0FF

Every guide I've came across states that this entry should work,
but it doesn't. I have a feeling my primary issue is that dern
Master Code, but I have nothing to base that against.

Comments? Suggestions? I'm open to anything at this point.
When I tried the M3 Method of getting Dipstar to run I lost my
save file, so I'd really like to figure this out.

Middle of Summer of Year 2...making huge profits with Nami at
the mid-Orange Heart range...bah!


Dec 31, 2007
How to use ndsmas?

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