dingux emulators patch for iSmartLinux

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    Because the change of cpu clock frequency will destroy DMA transfer, leading to CPU and NDS communication interruption,
    so that in the emulator any change of CPU clock frequency, will make the emulator run the exception.
    Like these emulators: FBA, FC, NGP, PCE, MD and so on.
    I made the changes is the prohibition on changing the CPU frequency, and nothing more.

    Welcome to test.

    dingux emulators patch for iSmartLinux.7z:

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    So these are test versions of ports of Dingux emulators, for the iPlayer?

    And they currently have a bug where changing the CPU frequency will cause problems, so the CPU frequency choice is locked right now?

    I just want to confirm.
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    Nov 7, 2006
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    @tysong: you really should port this whole project to the scds2 and enter the gbatemp homebrew bounty. you stand to win with a project like this. its too bad the scds2 category didn't also include the ismart mm and iplayer.

    -another world
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    Gah, I meant iSmart when I typed that.
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    The iSmartMM (iSMM) is an enhanced flash cart like the iplayer (which it is based on) or the DStwo- that is to say they have proper processors onboard (various carts have a measure of onboard processing abilities- many of them use it to help with DLDI for instance but this a cut above the average onboard processor) that can be used to provide extra functions to those that want to use them. They are fast/powerful enough that the DS can do some fairly impressive things with them.

    Linux is a computer kernel which has been ported to all manner of processors including at some level the one in the iSMM.
    This kernel gets wrapped in all manner of things and one notable thing for this processor type is the dingux which is a kind of shell for various things including a whole host of emulators and other programs/games that have not otherwise been seen on the DS or are (in theory) far better than the existing ones courtesy of this onboard processor. Equally these have already been ported to the processor type the iSMM uses so updates should in theory be able to be copied across.

    This thread is a fix of a sort- DMA is otherwise known as direct memory access and is a way for data to be transferred to various memory locations without the need of a CPU. It gets far more complex with all sorts of provisos and one of those provisos often includes things to prevent timing issues which is what was seen here (the processor could be run at different speeds- lower speed at the cost of processing power makes for lower current draw and lower heat generated) and hopefully dodged with this patch.