1. SFenton

    OP SFenton ಠ_ಠ

    Oct 14, 2008
    United States
    Hey guys,

    I follow Temp a lot, and they helped me hack my Wii, and more. I've contributed, in return, by assisting with Rock Band customs and the like. Unfortunately, that's about where it ends- the only games I truly ENJOY playing are Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and, IMO, Guitar Hero: World Tour is butt-ugly. So, I found out that some people in my area may be interested in buying my Rock Band gear and my Guitar Hero gear. That includes one GH drum set, three GH guitars, two wired microphones, four Rock Band guitars (DO. NOT. ASK.), and a Rock Band drum set. This brought me to a realization, albeit a painful one- I could, theoretically, purchase a PlayStation 3 if I sold my Wii along with it. Keep in mind that it is:
    A) Softmodded
    B) FULL of Guitar Hero and Rock Band DLC

    So, I would be losing a lot, and gaining (theoretically for the moment) very little. Also, I live in FPO, so I can't buy used, only the 80 gig model is available, and 360s cost the exact price (and, as my internet connection is terrible as-is, I would not like to pay for Live as I have a high risk of disconnecting every thirty seconds).

    Just a small list I made of pros and cons:
    Selling GHWT Wii = roughly $160 - $170, especially considering that not many Exchanges get the whole band bundle or even the drums.
    Selling Rock Band Wii = roughly $70 - $100. Just a ballpark guess.
    Selling my Wii SOFTMODDED = roughly $250. Seriously, people have never even heard of the Twilight Hack over here. Imagine what happens when I [casually] let slip of what "my Wii" can do.
    Selling my Wii VIRGINED = Maybe, if I'm lucky, $225.
    I would get instrument compatibility. Thank God.
    Better graphics.
    Better online play.
    No friend codes.
    Blu-Ray, I guess.
    Hard Drive!!!
    Really, games. There's a LOT there.
    I love Burnout.
    Metal Gear looks fun.
    Resistance? Yes, please.
    I've heard wonders about this BioShock thing.
    Linux homebrew?
    Grand. Theft. Auto. IV.
    Rock Band (The REAL deal)
    Perhaps GH3 should I feel so inclined.

    The Conduit.
    [Insert any other good Wii game here like Galaxy]
    Homebrew [​IMG]
    Themes? Though I guess I would get those on PS3
    DS Connectivity (Sacrifice for Resistance connectivity)
    Backups (GH Customs [​IMG])
    SD Card support until I buy a reader
    Cheaper games
    LOSS OF DLC. That is HUGE for me, as there is no console to different-company's-console transferrance.
    Less PS3 players?
    I've heard that Guitar Hero online on PS3 is empty.

    By the way, I can't normally get M-rated games. Keep that in consideration.

    Thank you Temp!
  2. Supah Eirian

    Supah Eirian Advanced Member

    Jan 8, 2008
    United States
    I love my PS3, don't really play Wii all that much anymore.

    You got the pros and cons, but be warned. I would be extremely careful selling any modified equipment. You could get seriously busted for that, not cool.

    If I were you, I would just sell all of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band EQ and save up the rest to get a PS3. Keep in mind that they no longer make backward compatible PS3's, so unless you score one used (which will oddly enough cost more than a new NON backward compatible system would) Guitar Hero 3 is NOT an option.

    Themes are not an issue, they are pretty easy to find on the internet or make on your own.

    I would keep the Wii for SSBB and Madworld and the few other good games out there. But I bet you will end up gaming on the PS3 a helluvah lot more.
  3. Edgedancer

    Edgedancer Director of Moon based operations

    Oct 2, 2006
    I think that if all you really play is Rockband and Guitar Hero, then you may aswell get a PS3. The only problem I have is that you make Resistance connectivity sound like a good idea. It sure as shit isn't.
  4. Supah Eirian

    Supah Eirian Advanced Member

    Jan 8, 2008
    United States
    Agreed. I like Retribution, but I haven't even bothered with the PS3 connectivity. I don't really need it. It controls fine on the PSP.

    But if all you play is Rockband and Guitar Hero, and you already have it, why get a PS3? even though they are the bomb!!!
  5. ZAFDeltaForce

    ZAFDeltaForce Specialist

    Sep 9, 2006
    Hmm... Killzone 2 is missing for your list.

    Aside from that, I am a proud PS3 owner. The games and graphics are beyond awesome and the system just feels like it's worth every single penny.

    If I were you, I'd sell the junk I don't need/ like and get one ASAP.
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