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    It seems with the downgrade to 9.2 on an O3DS XL, it removed the ability to use specific names (i.e. Asuka, Violet) that contain foreign vulgar words.
    My example:
    Been playing PokéOR on 10.3 with the character name as a legit Asuka (meaning, not through PKHEX, but through the in-game keyboard). After the downgrade, I'm attempting to edit the Secret Base's blackboard with said name; "You can't enter that word." appears on the top screen.
    Does anyone know if it is even possible to grab the whitelist or whatever the hell it is from a later firmware (dunno if it starts with 10.0 or what)? Thanks.
  2. jamieyello

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    I wish pokemon didn't have that stupid filter. Not only that but renaming my 8 year old pokemon from their original names to an ugly all caps BLAZIKEN and SALAMENCE without asking me first because they had an obscure single cuss word from any foreign language in the world.

    Then they won't let me rename the freaking pokemon because I don't actually own it even though I actually do because it's mine. Can't even make it lowercase.
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    couldn't fucking agree more. 99% of all my pokemon got renamed to their stock names in allcaps and i literally had no idea why until i did some research. so what if someone wants to name their fucking Jinx Negro? jesus christ nintendo
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    Oct 29, 2015
    Wh couldn't Nintendo let us choose whatever Pokemon names we want they're not exactly going to be affected are they
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    Dude my pokemon's names were things like "Chicken" "Cat" and "Lizard". It found foreign bad words mixed up in them.

    Like freaking "zard" is gonna mean slut somewhere.
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