Developers point of view for DSi?

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    Oct 12, 2006
    First I aint a developer or a hombrew maker of any sort just purely gaming enthusiast!
    I didn't know where to post this as I dun know much DS communities and this was the largest I've been to!

    So what exactly is instore for the DSi to warrant a purchase?
    Shud I buy on first day it release in my country or shud I wait for more things to pop up

    I really hope the DSi turns out like the psp with custom firmwares minus flashcarts instead with sd card loading
    Is the DSi SDHC capable?
    The specs are better aswell(if I am not mistaken) so will homebrew capabilities improve?(better snemulds maybe?)
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    Dec 26, 2008
    The DSi can hold upto 16GB of SD cards in SDHC. Let's wait if someone will have the time to make a custom firmware.

    You can buy a DSi if you want to enjoy the cameras and the sound or if you have some cousins who dont have a DS, you can give your old DS and buy the DSi.

    As for developers, one can point out the Wario DSi game is a failure due to not being able to recognize the person's silhoutte. Let's wait for more time to develope for the 0.3 Megapixel.

    Read the interview for the time being.

    Ask Iwata