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    I'm running SW 9.2 for SysNAND and launching Decrypt9WIP works fine inside regular SysNAND using the browserhax ( Now i want to launch Decrypt9WIP true HBL inside RX SysNAND but it gives me 2 red screen flashes on the screen below and go's back to the HBL menu, other app's from HBL launch fine. I'm have MenuHax installed & rxTools 9.2 (RX-S) and 10.7 (RX-E).

    Have you guy's any idea where the problem can be ? Also if i try to launch Decrypt9WIP true browserhax inside of RX SysNAND it crashes the browser but the screen below freezes, also after multiple try it will not launch.

    So at his point i can only launch Decrypt9WIP inside of the Regular SysNAND using the browserhax, i thought it was also possible from RX SysNAND ?
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    Can a mod please delete or close this ? It's already fixed. So like @samiam144 say you can only run Decrypt9WIP inside Regular SysNAND or using DevMode/PasteMode, spoofing firmware (RXmode SysNAND) will not work for Decrypt9WIP (other apps from HBL launcher will work).
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