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Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by fischermasamune, Mar 24, 2014.

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    Aug 6, 2013
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    Hi everyone.

    I'm looking for an action game and a non-action game, both playable in an American 3DS. Intend to buy one in each class; format (physical over digital) and price playing some role in the decision (of course, along with other factors as lenght, gameplay, presentation, etc).

    By action game I mean something like Yoshi's New Island or TLOZ:ALBW, where you have to act in real time to advance in a concrete world (which excludes Tetris). I was also looking at Kirby: Mass Attack (for DS). Is this one fun? Which of them, if any, would be a great acquisition for my library?
    Any other suggestion of action game I should play and I might be missing?

    By non-action game I mean mostly an adventure game, possibly with puzzles and great story, but it could also be something quite different (like Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder).
    Good examples, which I'm somewhat inclined to, would be the Professor Layton games. I'm totally new to the series. Don't know if I should pick the last one (Azran Legacy) or if I should start from the previous installments. Also, are the daily puzzles of Azran Legacy worth it? Am I missing much for not having it right now?
    Has anybody played the Scribblenauts Unlimited (which I would classify as non-action)? Or Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir? I'm also looking into those. Are they fun?
    Is there any other non-action game I shouldn't miss at? Any adventure game? If anything is at 999/VLR level, then they are probably a good pick for me.

    [Don't suggest LMDM or SM3DL as I have those. Also, I'm not looking into RPGs.]
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