DC Universe Online: First Impressions

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    So, I was just browsing around the PSN store after Yesterday's update, and one thing caught my eye. DC Universe online Beta..for free! I couldn't pass this up. After an excruciatingly long 4 and 1/2 hour download time DC Universe Online was ready to go. I fired up the game and I was blown away by the coolest opening movie I have ever seen in an MMO.

    After picking my jaw up off the floor I managed to get into the character creation, and I must say that it's a bit lackluster. A bit better than COH/COV editor, but the Champions Online editor blows it out of the water. That being said, you can pick from pre-made characters based on your favorite heroes and villains. The powers are your pretty standard fare/ Fire, Ice, Nature, Gadget, Mind, you know the basics. I was kind of disappointed to not see any lightning based powers. You then get to pick your fighting style/weapons. Next is your movement type. The only options as of now is Flying, Acrobatics and Super speed. After this you get to pick a "mentor" Which dictates how your story will play out and what armor you can equip. The appearance options are pretty standard. pick through chest/pants/helmet/glove pieces to get your perfect costume. What really bugged me is how no matter how good your character looks, you alter the appearance once you equip pieces of various armor. I made a Bayonetta type character that works out surprisingly well. Sorcery + Dual pistols in case anyone was wondering.

    Now once you are done with all that, you get dropped into the tutorial level. Brainiac's ship or something. The combat is more...active than your standard MMO fare. It's more hack and slash than "hit the skill buttons and wait for cooldown" type. your action bar is accessed by pressing either R2 or L2 and hitting the corresponding face button. The first half of the bar is for skills, the second half is for consumables. (4 slots each) When you level up you get skill and power points that you spend on skills and powers. standard stuff. When you are done with that you get dropped into your mentor's base of operations where you pick up your fist quest. The other thing that bothered me here is you can't track more than one quest at any given time. Focus is key I guess.

    And there you have it. This isnt a full review, but just a rundown of what it's like.
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    Just to note it is a beta and they might have more options available later.