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    Feb 27, 2009
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    smealum and Lobo have entered a demo for their upcoming homebrew fps called dawnseekers into the neo summer coding competition. It's pretty cool check it out!


    Smealum's site: http://smealum.net/

    Edit: New Update is Out

    Updated Text

    An update ! I'm posting it here because I have the right to update as long as it's the 20th somewhere in the world, which it is right now. After that, no updates will be posted here.
    Anyway, this update adds/changes :
    - very big AI improvement (better animations, more coherent behaviour, harder to kill)
    - blood stain is gone ! we replaced it with a directional damage indicator, as SwedishFish suggested. It's non-intruisive and gives you information on where the enemy shooting you is, that's better in every way !
    - the player is no longer a midget, his height has been adjusted
    - doors can now be opened by taping the little button in the lower right corner of the touch screen.
    Since the AI is now smarter, I rebalanced the game; health packs now give 30 hp back, enemies only take 4hp away each time they hit you, and they shoot less often. However, they can now shoot while running or strafing, so beware !
    Scientists on the other hand are still as scared when they see you, and still won't lift a finger even if you kill all their allies.
    I think that's it. So everyone who has posted Dawnseekers on a news website, please also post the update, as the new features are important I think. The link hasn't changed, i've replaced the file.
  2. Seaniam

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Thats a win for sure.
    With no disrespect to anyone else who is submitting, thats a win...
    Its about time someone did a fully fledged FPS homebrew with depth and updates to boot!
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