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    Hey guys! Some of you might know me from the Wii U hacking scene but, some time ago, I delved into Wii hacking which is what led me to Wii U hacking. Enough about my backstory however. I want to get into what it is Datel has done this time. I will a video on the Action Replay Wii setup process in this post to show you guys what I am trying to get at for this post.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    So, if you noticed around 3:02 that he was doing something on the message board and if your Wii hacking suspicions arose then yes, they should have. What is demonstrated in that clip is what us actual Homebrewers call, LetterBomb.


    Yes, that's right. Datel slipped that sh*t right under our noses and none of us even cared to notice. If you have previously installed Homebrew on the Nintendo Wii, then you might have noticed this screen.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    And what Datel is doing is essentially selling the exploit we use to install the Homebrew Channel and then running Gecko OS to run the cheat codes. I just thought that it should be pointed out and any controversy on the topic should be discussed here. Thank you all for reading and as always, happy hacking! :yaywii:
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