dark void zero

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  1. tomer12341

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    hi everyone

    i have a problem/ i saw the old dark zero void on the dsi and it look's great!!

    how can i get it if i don't got dsi only a ds lite? maybe there's a rom for it?

  2. Demonbart

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    Epic fail is epic. Let me say this one final time: DSiware has not been hacked yet (and I doubt if they'll ever make it) and so you can NOT play dsiware games on any flashcart whatsoever. Also, even if DSiware were to be hacked, you'd still need a DSi to be able to play it.
  3. CrashmanX

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    You don't have to be so harsh.

    I don't know if any DSi Ware games have been dumped or anything nor have I tried any before, but on the most recent versions of the Cyclo Evolution firmware they include "Fixes" for certain DSi games. Also, just because its DSi ware doesn't mean its going to require DSi abilities to be played.
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    DSiWare games have been dumped, but it's pretty pointless. I think like some PS3 games have been dumped but it's useless at the moment as well. I guess they're just prepping for things to come so when they do get a DSi crack, they don't have to start dumping games like madmen.

    But to answer the main question, it's 100% impossible to play DSiWare on a DS/DSL. You need a DSi and, at the moment, you need to buy the game as well.
  5. takun32

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    the game is 5 bucks, go buy a dsi and spend 5 bucks LOL.

    also its imposible to play a DSiware game, since the DSi is a bit more powerful then a regular DSlite, DSiwares take full advantage of the system, that means stuff that the DS doesnt have like camera, a few more extra memory and ram(i made up those 2 parts, but there are high tech stuff that the dsi has that dsl doesn have)

    you need to upgrade if you want to play dsi ware games.