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    Over the last 4 days I have been attempting to install Cyanogenmod (MiniCM7Pro c21 on an X10 Mini Pro)

    This was not a pleasant experience, something seemed to go wrong at some point and I couldn't get out of a boot loop, even from backups (although everything still seemed to go smoothly otherwise). Only a full restore through SEUS could fix anything. When I did finally get it working, wifi refused to work and that took anoither day to get working.

    Anyone else have such an experience? I may have just been unlucky - but part of the problem is that there are a lack of guides. The official guide is very non-descript and even says to install a kernel that simply doesn't exist. I suppose part of the battle is finding the correct combination ROM/kernel that works with your specific phone - but when you're treading unfamiliar ground that can be an up hill fight.

    End of the day, I got it working and it's awesome. But I do feel like I wasted a good chunk of my life doing it.
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    It was simple and straight-forward for me, getting it installed on my two HTC Dreams (or T-Mobile G1, depending on which country you're in). I did around a month of research before I tried, but once I did try it was done in 10 minutes and worked fine.

    Your experience depends on your phone.
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    i installed cyanogenmod 7.1.0 on my on my htc evo 4g without any problems and it was my first time. i also installed it on a B&N Nook color as well. it is SO worth it, i love it! I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO STOCK AGAIN! XD
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    I forgot
    This sort of. I used to run Synergy Mode and I've gotten so used to all their tweaks when I switched to Cyanogen mod on my Evo I started to miss them...but oh well, I'll get used to this now I suppose.
    On topic, I looked up the guide. Seemed pretty straightforward. Must be some problem with your phone (or you).
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    I'd have to assume that the problem was mostly due to you using a Sony Ericsson phone. With my HTC Aria, it was as simple as a basic 1-click root, making sure the recovery tools were set up right, then putting the ROM I wanted to flash on the root of my card. Reboot into recovery, select the file to flash, and let it do its thing. Flashed quite a few different ROMs, CyanogenMod wasn't harder to set up than any of the others.

    While I do like CM7 better than stock Android or Sense, I won't hesitate to move away if someone comes up with a good ICS ROM before the CM9 builds start rolling out.
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