CWCheat Pluggin, Memory Card Question

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by mikeyt1998, Dec 2, 2012.

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    I was into the homebrew scene here a while back and remember using a plugin called CW cheat to manage memory cards/ saves for multi-disc games.

    i played Tombi/ Tomba all the way through and when it came to playing Tomba 2 i remember using this plugin to make Tomba 2 read the Tomba 1 save to unlock the secret events, and i'm sure i got it working.

    Anyways! I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 on the Wii emulator WiiSX, and just had a look through the save folder on my SD card, there i can see the multiple save states (.st1 .st2 etc) and a .MCD file with the same code as FFVII (SCUS94164.MCD) and was just wondering if anyone by chance could let me know if that means i can convert the FFVII ISO into a PBP file and load that .MCD file through CWcheat to carry on from where i was on the wii?

    Dunno if anyone knows but would be a massive time saver haha, would also need a quick reminder on how to use CWCheat XD "hold select in game > Memory card options > Load memory card 1" if i remmeber right, but might have to rename the .MCD to something specific for CWCheat to read it?

    EDIT! just looked in cw cheat plugin memory card folder, the filres are .mcr, would it be possible to just rename the save to .mcr or would i have to convert them?
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