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    I don't know if it's been done but there is a way to use any 64 x 64 and 32 x 32 pic for a gamerpic.

    First you'll need a way to read/write files on your 360's HDD or MU like Xplorer360, a program called Modio, and of course the pic you want to use.
    [*]Either connect your hard drive to your PC through the Data Cable, disassemble the hard drive and connect using normal Sata connections.[*]Open "Xplorer360". Click "Drive>Open>Harddrive or Memory-card".[*]Select "Partition 3", then expand "Content".[*]Under this will be several folders Starting with "E". These folder names are your profile ID so I can't say for sure they name of yours but if there is only one profile it will be easiest. Expand your E folder, "FFFE07D1", then "000100000".[*]Now you will see you Profile file. Copy it to you desktop and make a backup file.[*]Open you pic in paint, make it 64 pixels by 64 pixels (resize, crop, or both), and save.[*]Before you close out paint, resize the pic one more time to 32 pixels by 32 pixels, and "save as" so you can tell the difference between the 64x64 and the 32x32 pictures.[*]Open Modio, and click and drag your profile file into it.[*]Click the "File Contents" tab and look for 2 files named "tile_32.png" and "tile_64.png".[*]Right click each file and extract them.[*]Open each file in paint and paste them in to the respective pic (64x64 pic is pasted into "tile_64.png" and 34x34 pic into "tile_32.png"), and save them so "tile_64.png" and tile_32.png" have your pic in them.*[*]Back in Modio, right click "tile_64.png" and replace it with the "tile_64.png" you created and replace "tile_32.png" with the "tile_32.png" you made.[*]Go back to the "General File Info" tab and click "Inject Image" and navigate to your custom "tile_64.png" file.[*]Click the "Rehash and Resign" button.[*]Navigate to where you copied the profile file from back in Xplore360 and copy the file back overwriting the original (I had you make the backup in case you messed up).[*]Connect the 360's HDD or MU back to the 360 and enjoy!*I don't know if step 11 is nessasary but I did it to help keep the filesize smaller. I couldn't get the 64x64 file less than approx 55Kb vs the approx 14Kb of this method. I am unsure if filesize matters but it doesn't hurt to be safe.

    I don't know if everyone can see it or not as I haven't tested it yet. I also will post some pics for this tutorial when I make them.