Cursor disappears... reapears if wiimote tilted, dissapears when leveled

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by dreadpirate, Aug 29, 2014.

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    May 23, 2012
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    First, the sensor bar is positioned away from IR interference and all the obvious junk.

    The problem first occurred a couple weeks ago I think. At first I thought it was just sunlight and so I didn't play the Wii with my little nephew unless it was night time. For the first time we tried to play at night with zero sunlight around and the cursor wasn't responding right. I tried changing out the sensor bar, using candles, etc. I didn't get anywhere.

    I recently discovered that the cursor comes back and stays consistent with it's historic good behavior if the WiiMote is tilted. TILTED?!?! WEIRD! But why? I'm guess something is corrupt?

    Things I've tried so far:
    * Using my second WiiMote
    * Replace sensor bar with candles
    * Re-syncing the WiiMotes by hitting red button by SD card slot and red button by batteries
    * Reseting the WiiMote Sync cache by holding the red sync button for 15 secs on health screen

    I haven't tried anything too technical yet though. I sort of forgot specifically what I did to hack my Wii, other than "I used letter bomb" (thank god they gave it such a catchy name). What exactly are my options for "refreshing" my Wii? Is there an app that can check data integrity? Is there a way to just reinstall all my IOS files and hope that one of those was the things that became corrupt and is preventing my cursor from showing on the screen when my WiiMote is level to the ground?


    Oh, I should mention that the cursor always works in the homebrew channel too, isn't that odd? Did they possibly use their own mouse cursor library? That's what makes me think an IOS or the generic wii library for the cursor has become corrupted.
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