CRTC approves Usage Based Billing

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    For those on independent Internet Service Providers, be prepared to cry.

    Source Open Media Canada

    Here is some information on the Competition Act in Canada as well:

    My Thoughts:

    This debacle SCREAMS antitrust lawsuit validity. If the independent ISP's have any ounce of common sense, they would band together and take Bell and the CRTC to court and any judge with half a brain would award them a victory. Essentially banning unlimited use plans and making it so that to cheapest service plans have these insanely small data use caps screams a false attempt by Bell to gain more customers, which is a breach of the Competition Act here in Canada. Competition is supposed to be healthy, assuming that people WANT to pay 40+ dollars a month just to have internet access and the features people need, is a joke. This ruins services like Netflix in Canada, and puts a service like Steam in extreme jeopardy. These private internet companies are generally for regions where the major providers don't have access, as well as low income housing and people who can use unlimited bandwidth or a much higher cap at the cost of having a slower speed. No one in their right mind will stick with the current service plans if people are going to be forced into paying far too much for data use.
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    Not much to whine about. Australians have had this since the dawn of the Internet to this day. What's worse is that our data usage limits are pitiful for the price we pay.
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    This is nothing compared to Australia.
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    I agree js=ust wait till fibre optic, i cant wait to download 2GB of files for 69.99 a month [​IMG]
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    we have this issue here too... i used unlimited bandwidth for around 30$ but at 64KBps. the fastest affordable connection here is 45$ for 2gb per month although they have no limits btn 8pm and 8am. i cant imagine living with a limited bandwidth internet connection...... nope cant