Create nnid , after unbaned

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    Sep 30, 2014
    Well, i unban my 3DS, can use online+eshop, but can make a new nnid account in the 3DS.
    I delete my 3DS nnid from the Wii U, but that don't resolve the problem.

    Creating new nnid keep giving the same error:

    Error Code: 22-2812
    You cannot access Nintendo Network
    services using this system.

    Please make a note of the error code
    and visit


    Try to do a new nnid on the Wii U and linked to the 3DS, but in the end, gives the same error.

    Any solutions?

    Maybe if i can edit the file on the pc with the data of my new nnid on the wiiu,
    the 3DS will let me use the friend list.