Create a forwader for Nintendont, to use with Priiloader?

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    I have a pretty specific issue I'll try to break it down a simply as I can.

    I have one of the later Wii models that has no gamecube ports. To remedy this issue, the latest version of Nintendont supports the official Gamecube adapter, and with Native control at that.

    After modding the Wii and installing Nintendont, the wii can be used to play gamecube games again with the gamecube controller. The problem here, is that I don't want to have to use my Wiimote with the classic controller or a sensor bar to have to start the games up. On my other wii consoles, I use priiloader -> configurable usb loader > Nintendont/DIOS Mios to start up the game. No need for the Wiimote anymore in that configuration, the gamecube controller is used to control everything from power up.

    My issue is that configurable usb loader does not detect the adapter when using that configuration. My solution was to install Nintendont with priiloader and control the menu straight from the adapter, but when you do that, it does not have AHB access. The only thing i can think of is for priiloader to boot a dol that forwards me to Nintendont, is there anything like that? Not sure where to start looking

    TLDR; Looking for a way to boot straight into Nintendont from priiloader, OR a way to boot into Nintendont without needing the use of a wiimote from power up.
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    Who wants to know?
    nvm what i just said lol i dont think theres much you can do im afraid i think you could configure it to boot the dol in the sd but i dont mess with that stuff.
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