cpu over mobo tdp

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware, Devices and Accessories' started by DarknessxD407, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. DarknessxD407

    DarknessxD407 Advanced Member

    Sep 23, 2009
    United States
    So, I decided to see what what might happen if I put my pentium 4 3.2ghz in a biostar g31-m4 v.7 after passing the warning it had underclocked it to 2.13ghz & slowed my ram from 800mhz to 266mhz.
    If I continue to do this, what will happen? Or will it be just fine?
  2. marcus134

    marcus134 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    May 7, 2011
    According to biostar website, your cpu isn't compatible with the mobo.

    Maybe something, probably nothing.

    There is a possibility that your computer will be unstable but i doubt that it will cause physical damage if your cpu is well installed and the heatsink correctly seated.
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