Counterfeit Pokemon Games?

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    Bought Pokemon Pearl Diamond and PLatinum from a seller from an Ebay seller as as deal for $35 (no box or manual). I have my doubt since I have a Pokemon heartgold I bought from my friend with case and box even Target price tag back in the days.


    1.Does fake DS game work at all on A9LH 3DS on latest firmware? (These Ebay copy work).

    2.Does all the DS cart rattle when shake? (none of these 3 do) I notice the Pokemon Heart Gold and 3DS games do.

    3. IS the DS carts all black or there is grey(black) one? (These 3 are greyer). The Pokemon Heart Gold is dark black

    If anyone can point me to the right thread that can help me that's would be perfect. I skipped past DS and only have experience with 3DS so this thing is new to me. Hard to dig though thus many thread to find the right thread for me now.
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    1) I believe there are some fake games which bypassed some flavours of DSi and 3ds protection, compared to earlier fakes which did not.

    2) That is a likely indicator of something wrong.

    3) In the case of heart gold and soul silver then there is the pokewalker which has a nice window on the cart for the IR communicationséwalker
    This is not that though. Most DS carts are grey, and as far as I can see so are those versions of pokemon. Black is a colour seen in some, including pokemon HS/SS.

    Another test, though hardly flawless, is many flash carts and the like did not bother with the little spacers between pins and just went clean from one side to the other.

    If you feel like opening one up and taking some photos of the PCB then that can help, photos of the cart (preferably next to some nice white paper if you don't know how to white balance)
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    Beware that some people selling fake games often take apart less valuable original carts and fit the fake pcb into it, peel off the label and fit the new label on, fake Pokeman games used to be a big business back in the day, not sure how common it is now but i suspect there will be many people that don't know they own a fake.
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    Try seeing if it can transfer to BW