Could someone please help?! SD Card problem

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by Yandere-chan, Dec 29, 2016.

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    Nov 11, 2016
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    Hidden in your NAND
    I am using a new Sandisk 16GB "Micro SDHC" card with an adapter in my Nintendo 3DS console and when I put it into the console, nothing happens. I tried everything and it just wont work! The adapter is a PNY Micro SD Adapter. It also works in my DSi XL, Nintendo Wii, computer, and another 3DS console (a friend's)
    Help would be very much appriciated :sad:
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    OK, well you can use a Disk partitioning program like minitool partition wizard (free version) out there to get the job done. first things first download and install that program to your pc.
    1. Choose your card in the list of drives (be VERY careful you choose the right one!) and delete the partition using the Delete button on the toolbar. inside of the minitool partion wizard program.
    2. Now Create a new partition in the freed space. Make sure you choose these options: “Create As: Primary”, “File System: FAT32” and “Cluster Size: 32kb”. You’ll also want to set a drive letter otherwise it won’t show up in Windows for when you want to copy stuff to it!
    3. Click “OK” to accept these settings, and then Apply (on the toolbar) to actually commit the deed to the card.
    4. When it’s done, that’s it! Your card should now be readable by your 3DS. Go ahead – turn your 3DS off, swap your old card for the new one, and check. You may be told your 3DS is initialising the card – that’s fine. If the Data Management – 3DS Software section shows an obscene number of free blocks, you’re sorted.
    so after the format and you put your sd card in your 3ds the home menu will pop-up and say "creating HOME Menu management information please wait..." what it's doing is creating extdata and x2 folders on your sd card. once it does that your good to go. the 2 folders are "Nintendo 3ds/16 digit number/16 digit number" and the "DCIM" Folder.
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