Could Gameboy carts possibly be read by DS.?

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Sleet, May 19, 2014.

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    I know the DS doesn't have the hardware to actually play them, but could the ROM and save file be read from slot 2? Consider that GBA games have the same pinout as Gameboy games, and that DSM can backup 3DS saves on DS, so it's not too far fetched.
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    I guess it would theoretically be possible to have a GB/C rom and save file stored on a Slot-2 card and have a GB/C emulator read from there, but it would be really pointless, might as well just play the game directly off slot-1 card in the emulator...
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    There's a physical lockout that keeps you from putting GB/C games into a DS, so you'd have to take the carts or system apart to even attempt such a thing.
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    The DS save pins use a common chip to chip communications protocol called SPI, more
    The 3ds apparently uses the same

    The GB/GBC uses a different voltage level to the GBA (5V to the GBA's 3.3V). It is why there are very limited options for using GBA flash carts as GBC ones.

    At some level it is similar enough, indeed there was a mod for an old GBA linker to make it able to play with GB/GBC. has it if you are curious.

    You are far better off just building a reader of some form, a few years back I even saw some made with common programmable chips. A more in depth version though made programming systems
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    FAST6191, have I ever mentioned how awesome you are? I came into this thread initially thinking "Okay I'll have to explain the 3.3V/5V difference, maybe check that PocketHeaven thread about it except oh whoops it got lost in the last forum wipe, could suggest the F2A Bridge hardware, worst case buy a hardware GB/GBC flash cart" and yet you covered all the bases already. You even linked to both the FlashManager site and the "make-your-own-flashcart" website that I use to turn my GBA into a USB joypad from their special drivers.

    So yeah, glad you're still here man.