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    I'll start off by saying idk much about Rom hacks and the technicalities behind them so I apologize in advance. But I was thinking do we know if the 3d models of the cut pokemon in Sword and Shield are still in the game itself? if they are couldnt that open up rom hack possibilities for a complete sword and shield? I'm reminded of Dio Vento's Lets Go mod that had a full 151 mod and other fun enhancements. The other question is if the models aren't in the game could they be imported perhaps from lets go? or even if you could would the move sets even work if the animations for those Pokemon just dont exist?
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    If we go by Dio Vento's Lets Go 151 Mod as you used in your example, the thing is all 151 pokemon models already existed within both games; It is not as if he tried adding new pokemon from other generations which is essentially what you're asking about for Sword & Shield.

    If we use older generations rom hacks as an example, despite how active that scene was (particularly 3d gen hacking) they could never manage to exceed the number of pokemon within the default games; This is why rom hacks that try to add future generation pokemon have to replace an old one first (due to limitations within the game engine most likely or lack of memory possibly, I am unsure).

    If there are leftover placeholders for the remaining pokemon, that is wonderful and all, but that does not mean other issues wont come up down the road that may render the task impossible; This would probably be a game engine related limitation in which case we'd be SOL without the game's source code.

    Whether or not mods of this scope would be or will become possible for Sword & Shield, will ultimately come down to technical limitations 1st and Burn out from volunteers 2nd; Even if such a mod is possible, if we go by precedent I would not get my hopes up (or at least not expect anything for awhile).
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    like they answered you, it might be impossible to bring back "scrapped" pokemon
    but it might be possible to bring contents from each game to the other, exclusive pokemon/clothes, and raise difficult, and other little big things like, turn trade evos into normal evos. maybe even making the exp share turnable off/on
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