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    I've been doing a lot of reading on the ds two+ recently and am getting more confused rather than less in regards to what would be ideal for what I hope to use my n3dsxl for. Hopefully you guys and gals with more knowledge can point me straight and tell me what I should buy (or if there is a free solution)

    1)My main goal is to play ds games (I believe the only way to do this is with a flash cart? )
    2) a close second requirement is snes/nes emulation
    3) 3ds backups would be nice but not a deal breaker

    I'm on fw 10+ and I own ocarina of time. I know there are ways to downgrade and install custom firmware to play snes/nes. Is there an advantage to using a flash cart to emulate snes/nes or is it better to downgrade?
    Is there anyway to play ds games without a flash cart?

    What should I buy/do???

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    In my opinion DStwo is redundant when used on 3DS. The main reason for its popularity was to play GBA/SNES on DSi but 3DS can do it better. It will just eat your battery thanks to the onboard processor.

    I would look at the R4i Gold ( Very high compatibility and the menu is fast. If you want to save a few bucks you can get a card, but they run a clunky menu. You can put another menu/kernel on it but the compatibility will be less perfect.

    And there's not much reason at all to get a 3DS mode flashcard like Sky or Gateway thanks to CFW.

    EDIT: Nes emu will run fine on any ds flashcart. I don't believe you even need to downgrade to run SNES emu from 3DS mode.

    Having a ds flashcart will also give you a way to install oot3dhax without the need for powersaves as long as you have a phat ds or lite.
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    I concur with post #2. And you haven't read enough, might want to email dstwo+ team to see if they have updated there GW mode to run the on the latest emunand firmware.
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    Using the GW mode on a Dstwo+ risks bricking your device so I would not recommend to use that.

    I suggest to Op: downgrade to set up CFW and play 3ds games, use VC injection to play some other games, use the homebrew emulator for your other needs and then spend like $10 for a Ds flashcard. This way you're spending less money with more compatibility!
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    Use a cfw with a9lh like luma3ds to run 3ds SNES nes GB GBC and gba games(as well as dsiware etc) and use a ds flashcard like a r4i gold sdhc 201x with ysmenu.
    Its not risky at all having a cfw or downgrading if you follow a good guide such as plailect's