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    I was doing the B9S guide, the hardmod revision, and was very confused. When I ran the installb9s.exe, it said "NAND.bin not found!"

    I said, "Okay, I must need to backup my NAND to a .bin instead of a .img."

    Did that and I got the NAND-patched.bin.

    Flashed it over, now whenever I boot up my 3DS, I go straight to a bootrom error.


    I am flashing the backup I made, right now. Can I please have some troubleshooting tips, or some help on installing this?


    Edit: Wow, the image was big, sorry.

    EDIT2: Lmao, I'm stupid. I was using the guide for people who haven't installed A9LH. Ignore this or delete this please.
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