Configurable USB loader problems

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Hey guys.
    After your help yesterday i managed to get Configurable USB loader and it seems to be running ok in terms of software, however i have a problem.
    Because i wanted to backup my games onto a hard drive i started with Wii Party. The software recognises the game, it even downloaded the cover art online, however when i tried to run it it gave me the message:

    Error: cIOS249rev18, cIOS222v4, cIOS223v4, cIOS224v5 or higher required for starting games from a FAT partition! Upgrade IOS249 or choose a different IOS.

    So where do i get cIOS249rev18 and upgrade IOS249? I want to use this one because my cIOS is already 249 so i guess it would be the easiest. How would i change it to this one?

    PS on the cIOS info it says that i have:
    IOS249 Base: 38 rev 17 (r17)
    IOS250Base: 38 rev 17 (r65535)

    set_frag: -128
    ERROR: SetWBFS: -128

    If that helps.
    EDIT: there was another problem, i sorted it though.

    Can anybody help?
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    Mar 21, 2010