1. Dustin37

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    Feb 19, 2017
    United States
    I am having with config usb loader. I had it working great with MBR file system worked no issues. Due to the size I ended up getting a larger drive 4TB which I would like to hold all my wii games, wiiware, vc, etc.. It has to be GPT I am getting the error uneek or something, and Config usb loader tells me to format. When I do both Config usb loader, and usb loader gx can see a game if I rip it via the wii. However if I try to put .wbfs formatted games on the drive it doesn't see them either program. I am not sure were to start for help I can provide the Cios's I have installed etc... I was also wonder if I am running an incompatible drive, Its a Seagate 4tb tore out of a newer model Seagate goflex. I would love for someone to help me troubleshoot my issue. I can give pretty good details of what I have and have not tried, fact is I am just stumped.

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