Config USB and xbox s troubles??

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Masprague, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Well, I had a nice set up with my hard drive and my wii. I had have partitioned as WFBS for wii games and the other half Fat32 for other things.

    Everything was running fine through configurable loader.


    Well I made the mistake of buying a 4gig xbox slim. I thought well I would plug my hard drive in and format 16gig of the Fat32 partition for the xbox and leave the WBFS partition alone.

    The xbox apparently formatted the entire hard drive erasing the wbfs partition and the other stuff I had saved. I figured I learned my lesson and then reformatted the drive to Fat32 and made 2 partitions as I had before using EASEUS Partition master. I formatted the hard drive using EASEUS as well.

    I then opened up WiiBackupManager and formatted one partition to WBFS and added my games back on.

    When I plugged the hard drive back into the wii, which no changes were made to the Wii, its not even hooked up to the internet just to be safe, Config USB recognized the hard drive as RAW and that no games were saved on it. If I tried again, it would load up the GUI and show an endless amount of Wii "game boxes" with '?' in them, as if they were games, but nothing would play.


    so I am going to start over it looks like with my hard drive. What did I do wrong that I should do this time??

    Thanks for all you help guys!!
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    forget wbfs partitions use fat32
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    Seems like the easiest option, remove one partition and use it all as fat32, just use Wii back up manager to transfer your games
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    Whoops. There are two options on the 360 when setting up a USB drive, one formats the disk like happened to you, but there's also a custom option that only writes some files to an existing FAT partition.