Component switch boxes/adapters with 3 inputs and 1 output

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    Now that I found myself an original xbox, I'm starting to have problems with available ports on my FullHD TV. The TV is compatible with the PS2/Wii component signal in pretty much every way needed so far, so component on the xbox should work.

    As the TV has both SCART and Component, I'm thinking of getting a component switch box or adapter that has at least the 3 inputs (5 per input just like normal components) and naturally the output to the TV. I've checked out quite a few options on Amazon (both UK and US), but most options have either mixed reviews or no reviews at all.

    Any help? Opinions? Should I get a proper one or something cheaper? Should I just abandon the component switching and get HDMI converters for the 2 extra devices (I got 4 HDMI ports IIRC, 1 used by the PS3 and used by my computer).

    Examples of what I've been looking at:

    ps. The latter two don't ship to Finland so they're just for reference.

    EDIT: If this went into the wrong section, could a mod transfer it correctly? Wasn't sure wether to post to General gaming or this section
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    2nd one on Amazon is crap, so definitely don't get that. I have one, piece of crap, introduces loads of interference into the signal.