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    Looking into getting a 32 GB microSD for my N3DSXL that has CFW installed. I believe the current microSD I have is a sandisk. Are there any brands I should stay away from?

    I’ve heard people say that the switch will freak out if you use certain SD card brands, and I’m not sure if the 3DS is the same way.

    Also on a related note, is switching to a new SD card as simple as just transferring all the contents of my current card to the new one, or do I have to do anything special since I have CFW? I’ve only ever used this card with CFW so I don’t know.
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    Buy a card (I recommend Samsung and SanDisk), test it with H2testw and if it's good, format it as FAT32 with 32kb of cluster size (you will need guiformat if it's bigger than 32GB). Then just copy the contents to the card.
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