Cloud saving on external SD on Galaxy S3

Discussion in 'Android' started by JinTrigger, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Ok so I have a Galaxy S3 (T999), and ipega controller, and, a Ouya. Basically what I want to be to do with all my emulators is to be able to play a game on my galaxy s3 and save it and then jump onto my ouya and load up the same save file and continue playing on the big screen.

    I figure I'd need a cloud service app that can automatically sync a folder/file every time a change is made and that app and all my emulators would have to be able to read and write to my external SD where I want the saves to go.

    MY problem is I don't know what cloud service app can do what I've described on android and none my emulators will write to my external SD, so how do I give the emulators apps permission to write to the external SD?