Classic NES Series - Super Mario Bros. Save State Problem

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    Hi, I have recently bought a 20th Anniversary Famicom Gameboy Micro and the Classic NES - Super Mario Bros. But there doesn't seem to be a save feature for the game. I know what Super Mario Bros. on the NES can't save but the Classic NES Series is a series of NES roms and emulators on GBA carts. If you press L and R, the emulator menu pops up. On the menu there is a save button but when I press it, it seems to have saved but when I turn the system back on, the save state is wiped off. I have no way of finishing the game game because of this. Please help.
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    the battery save in that game only stores the high score.

    if you can't be SMB in 1 sitting, you are doing something wrong.

    granted, that is a world record run. even if you suck you should be able to get to the last level in 30 minutes.

    -another world
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