Classic Controller Minecraft GlovePIE Script

Discussion in 'Wii - Hardware, Devices and Utilities' started by m0i0k0e, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. m0i0k0e

    m0i0k0e Member

    Jan 16, 2010
    I've been playing Minecraft and earlier today I thought if its possible to play with the classic controller (I thought it would be ideal seeing as it has two analog sticks and such). I chose to use GlovePIE cause I thought it would be easiest to use and I have used it before. I made my script but when it comes to the right analog stick to control the pointer it moves the pointer too fast. Heres the script...

    Key.W = Classic1.LeftStickY < 0
    Key.A = Classic1.LeftStickX < 0
    Key.S = Classic1.LeftStickY > 0
    Key.D = Classic1.LeftStickX > 0
    Key.Space = Classic1.b
    Mouse.x = Classic1.RightStickX + 0.5
    Mouse.y = Classic1.RightStickY + 0.512

    Mouse.LeftButton = Classic1.L
    Mouse.RightButton = Classic1.R

    (The bit in bold's the bit i'm on about if you couldn't tell [​IMG])
    I have the mouse a bit offset from the center because the window is a bit off center and I have the mouse set to go back to the center when I let go of the analog stick. My problem is that when I move the controller it moves the mouse very fast and it isn't that smooth. I understand the smoothness might be because of the controller but I want it so the sensitivity is down.
  2. YoshiKart

    YoshiKart GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 12, 2009
    United States
    I got this from the Zoom Player Script by marinos35. Try this out:

    Mouse.RightButton = Wiimote.Classic.ZL and var.on
    Mouse.LeftButton = Wiimote.Classic.ZR and var.on
    if (Wiimote.Classic.Joy1X > var.joyfix or Wiimote.Classic.Joy1X < -var.joyfix) and var.on then mouse.x = mouse.x + Wiimote.Classic.Joy1X/50
    if (Wiimote.Classic.Joy1Y > var.joyfix or Wiimote.Classic.Joy1Y < -var.joyfix) and var.on then mouse.y = mouse.y + Wiimote.Classic.Joy1Y/50

    Ignore the var.on's for your case, and, Switch Wiimote.Classic.Joy1 to Joy2.
  3. kylehaas

    kylehaas GBAtemp Regular

    May 14, 2008
    United States
    Did you guys ever get this figured out?
    I'm making a very similar script for Terraria and I'm having the same problem!

    Got it fixed...
    A similar script should work for minecraft...

    //Wii Classic Controller Terraria Script by Haazenpfeffer//
    if (Classic.RightStick >0.1) then Mouse.DirectInputPos += (classic1.RightStick * 15)
    Mouse.LeftButton = Classic.A
    Mouse.RightButton = Classic.y
    Mouse.WheelUp = Classic.ZL
    Mouse.WheelDown = Classic.ZR
    Key.Ctrl = HeldDown(Classic.A, 0.25)
    Key.K = Classic.LFull
    Key.G = Classic.ZR
    Key.F = HeldDown(Classic.y, 0.25)
    Mouse.wheelup = Classic.Left
    Key.Four = Classic.Up
    Mouse.wheeldown = Classic.Right
    Key.N = Classic.Down
    Key.W = Classic.LeftStickY < -.5
    Key.S = Classic.LeftStickY > .5
    Key.A = Classic.LeftStickX < -.5
    Key.D = Classic.LeftStickX > .5
    Key.E = Classic.Plus
    Key.Shift = Classic.Minus
    Key.Escape = Classic.x
    Key.Space = Classic.b
    if (HeldDown(Classic.Plus, 0.25)) then Key.Down = Classic.Down
    if (HeldDown(Classic.Plus, 0.25)) then Key.Up = Classic.Up
    if (HeldDown(Classic.Plus, 0.25)) then Key.Right = Classic.Right
    if (HeldDown(Classic.Plus, 0.25)) then Key.Left = Classic.Left
    if (HeldDown(Classic.Plus, 0.25)) then Key.Enter = Classic.RFull
    if (HeldDown(Classic.Plus, 0.25)) then Key.Escape = Classic.LFull
  4. kylehaas

    kylehaas GBAtemp Regular

    May 14, 2008
    United States
    I figured I'd go ahead and post my FPS script here as well.
    It works great with Source games and even works with Minecraft!
    Keep in mind, it's not perfect... So feel free to fix it up to your own liking.

    //Wii Classic Controller PRO FPS SCRIPT BY Haazenpfeffer//
    Mouse.LeftButton = Classic1.R
    Mouse.RightButton = Pressed(Classic.L)
    Mouse.MiddleButton = Pressed(Classic.ZL)
    Mouse.WheelUp = Classic.Up
    Mouse.WheelDown = Classic.Down
    Key.W = Classic.LeftStickY < -0.5
    Key.S = Classic.LeftStickY > 0.5
    Key.A = Classic.LeftStickX < -0.5
    Key.D = Classic.LeftStickX > 0.5
    Key.R = Classic.x
    Key.F = HeldDown(Classic.x, 0.25)
    Key.Escape = Classic.Home
    Key.Space = Classic.y
    Key.E = Classic.a
    Key.C = Classic.Plus
    Key.Ctrl = Classic1.b
    //Joystick aiming
    If Classic.RightStickX < -0.2 or Classic.RightStickX > 0.2
    Mouse.DirectInputX = Mouse.DirectInputX + (30)*(Classic.RightStickX)

    If Classic.RightStickY < -0.2 or Classic.RightStickY > 0.2
    Mouse.DirectInputY = Mouse.DirectInputY + (30)*(Classic.RightStickY)
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