1. mark.m.moran

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    Jun 24, 2007
    Hi guys,
    I have just installed the HB channel on a 3.1E Wii and all went well. I now want to install the Gamma loader. I cannot find the brilliant guide DJTaz wrote on here but from others it seems the next step is to run cIOS isntaller? Is this correct as when I try to run the cIOS installer the screen goes black and nothing happens? Is there a WAD like cIOSFix.wad or IOS16 or something I need to install first before I can run the cIOS installer?

    Would anyone have a link to a good step by step guide or if DJTaz is reading could he PM a copy of his one too me? The link to his guide now seems to be dead :-(


    Edit: Got it working guys.....seems the cIOS installer I had on my SD card was old.....downloaded a different one with a Sonic The Hedgehog logo on it and it worked fine??

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