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    Feb 24, 2008
    Been trying to create my own box art and QR code library on my smartphone.
    i want to have an easy access links to all my cias to install on my sons 2ds and my new 2ds xl and keep notes on my game progress etc.

    After messing around i found Google notes would serve has an excellent platform,easy to swipe and open.
    I then went about trying to link my mega cloud archive..

    Tried with "link without key" "decryption key" "link with key" with no luck..
    so i decide to try google drive.. which is just "copy link"

    was using a android app called QR Droid,in fact i spent most of working day speedily converting cias to QRs and adding a very impressive growing library on my device. :)

    which to my horror didn't work.. not one..
    so lastnight tried to uses google in the same way,but still no luck.

    then i repeated the process using a still no luck.

    then i found Qr web thread on here but sill no joy.

    this morning i made sure i was up to date with luma,fbi and godmod9..

    I cant understand why its not work or what the error codes mean.
    I read all of the thread on shameless this morning to find out that due to freeshop ending, it not working either assuming it was link in the same way.

    looking for help to understand why FBI or web installer cant see my cias ?
    the test file im using is a usa one,i only noticed this earlier but cant see why that should matter..

    im on Luma9.1 ,FBI2.5.3
    using a 64gb card with 3gb space open.
    on a new 2ds xl (blue)

    and getting errors like this.

    Failed to install from URL.
    https://(drive/cloud link)
    Result code 0xD963F806
    Level: Permanent (27)
    Summary: Internal (11)
    Module: Application (254)
    Desc: Baddata (6)

    Or just repeats "not a cia on QR web.

    can this be done the way i'm trying?
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    Jun 27, 2016
    that doesn't work because neither Google Drive nor Mega can give you a direct link to your file, they give you a link to a download page and that download page link is what you're turning into a QR
    I hope I explained correctly

    as for a way to do it right, I'm not sure I'm sorry. you would need a way to host your CIAs that would give you a steady direct link to the file
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    It is possible download and install CIAs via URL through QR. It just requires a direct connection to the CIA file to do so. Most sites only host via sites like Google Drive and mega, which do not provide a direct link to the CIA file.
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    Feb 24, 2008
    This is very helpful information which I didn't understand at all at first, now I see why it wouldn't work, can you suggest a host that would work for me,
    One that doesn't have a in between link for the method in aiming for.

    I'm wondering if I could sign in to mega from the browser on my ds and install that way maybe?
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