1. maarten66

    OP maarten66 Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    Hello people,

    In the childfrienly usb loader that was posted here on gba-temp I missed two things.
    -The installation option
    -The remove option

    So I made one myself with the options in it, but they are hard to find for the kids. You have to make a combination of two buttons at exactly the same moment to go to the options.
    -To go to the installation menu you have to press the A and + buttons
    -To go to the removal menu you have to press the A and - buttons.

    I also deleted the confirmation for starting up a game and set the pageview to 10 pro page.

    There should be a kiddy background too in a childfrienly loader, here it is!

    Download here

    If you have nice ideas to make it more childfriendly, share it with us!
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