cheats, M3 perfect (SD), GBA: how to??

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    Oct 27, 2008

    First of all, sorry for the topic name. At least this has all the subjects in it;)

    Now for my question...

    After having played with my DSTT NDS games (which work perfectly) I was digging through my GBA games, and found "Aria of Sorrow".

    Now, I like this whole getting all souls quest, but it takes long:P So I decided to use cheats...

    I just don't get how to use them:s

    This is my equipment:

    M3 Perfect with a NORMAL SD card.

    This is what I did so far:

    -I downloaded a file for the M3 perfect SD containing a lot of cheatfiles.
    -I placed the aria of sorrow (E) cheat file (.cht) file on my SD card (root).
    -I placed the aria of sorrow ROM (E) on my SD card (root).
    -I used gamemanager v36 to patch aria of sorrow as follows:
    1). Write GBA;
    2). Pick the aria of sorrow file
    3). select RTSaving
    4). Rompatch: hardware 1 (this is standard highlighted)
    5). Cheatcode enable (and then I select the cheatfile that on my DS card)
    6). I write the file
    -I pick the gamesave map and place it on my SD card

    Now what did I do wrong?
    I read somewhere that by pressing A+B+L+R ingame, you enter the RTsaving/cheatmenu...but nothing:( Can't enter the menu

    thank you for your help!

    p.s. English is not my native language, so sorry for my grammar
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    Well, I know you can patch GBA games through the M3 Game Manager program and when you boot that game, you can set cheats for that game in the beginning, but what I wonder about is that option in the L+R+A+B menu that says "Game Cheat". No matter what I try, I can't figure out how to make that work......I've searched Google and have never read anything about the feature, what it does or how to utilize it.

    EDIT: Oh GEEZ! I didn't notice how ancient this thread was......I spotted it when Googling for info on the cheat feature within the M3 Perfect.
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    I have exactly the same problem. The ABLR button combo gets me to the M3 menu while ingame. When I try to select "Game cheat" from the menu (last item) and press A I get returned to the game. I don't get the expected cheat menu as see on game startup. Still looking for a solution.

    M3 SD on GBA Micro.

    Game is pokemon Fire red and leaf green. U and E version all with there correct cheat file.