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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by digipokemaster, Jan 26, 2010.

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    i have a problem with my r4 all of my game that has cheat codes some of them shows and some dont, im using r4cce and usrcheat.dat on my r4 all my games have cheat code i check any help will great the setting on r4cce when i save is the one that saids format to be save is r4 and i overwrite the one that i just open
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    There is a problem with some flashcards such as the R4DS and all of its clones (M3 Simply, N5DS, ect) which limits the number of cheats that are displayed for games. This means that cheats for games that appear at the end of the cheat file are not displayed, this includes games for The World Ends With You, Yu-Gi-Oh, Trauma Center and others.

    You have four options, the first is to get a new flashcard, the second is to delete the games from the cheat file you don't plan to use, the third option is to move the games to the top of the list and the fourth option is to use an alternate firmware/loader for your flashcard such as YSMenu, AKAIO and so on.

    SOURCE (click on where it says, "Important Notice")

    Hope that helps you.