Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

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  1. Irendes

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    Aug 20, 2019
    the only cheat that is

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  2. TerpToke

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    Sep 17, 2018
    United States
    Just posted yesterday and every cheat works. Not sure if you've already got it covered but seen this yesterday at 0 downloads and tried it lol. Works great. Except unlimited jetpack thrust.
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  3. passerotto

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    Nov 10, 2009
    Please cheat for Hotline Miami compilation, especially for the 2
  4. ultimatepump

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    Feb 9, 2004
    Out of curiosity because cheats are made usually certain updates. Is there anywhere we can go to get specific updates? For example Strikers 1945 has cheats for 1.03 but the latest is 1.05.
  5. Adnane10

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    May 14, 2019
  6. wiitendo84

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    Jan 3, 2014
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    New Albany, Indiana
    It just depends on whether someone makes the codes for the updates. I am meaning to go back through doom 3 for infinite health and ammo but some things came up and havent had a chance to do it.
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  7. SumOf1000Lies

    SumOf1000Lies Member

    Jun 13, 2019
  8. Falo

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    Jul 22, 2012
    Mutant Year Zero - Road to Eden - Update 2 (v2.0.22675)
    TitleId: 0100E6B00DEA4000
    BuildId: EB33B25F08668B19
    Engine: Unreal Engine 4.22.0

    [Unlimited Action Points (Hold ZL)]
    04000000 005FFBC0 B94C7408
    04000000 005FFBC4 B9000048
    04000000 005FFBC8 D65F03C0
    04000000 005FFBCC 00000000
    04000000 005FFBC0 52800048
    04000000 005FFBC4 B90C7408
    04000000 005FFBC8 B9000048
    04000000 005FFBCC D65F03C0
    [Unlimited Action Points (on)]
    04000000 005FFBC0 52800048
    04000000 005FFBC4 B90C7408
    04000000 005FFBC8 B9000048
    04000000 005FFBCC D65F03C0
    [Unlimited Action Points (off)]
    04000000 005FFBC0 B94C7408
    04000000 005FFBC4 B9000048
    04000000 005FFBC8 D65F03C0
    04000000 005FFBCC 00000000
    [Unlimited Ammo (on)]
    04000000 0036A8D0 D503201F
    04000000 0036A8E8 D503201F
    04000000 0036A934 D503201F
    [Unlimited Ammo (off)]
    04000000 0036A8D0 7100054A
    04000000 0036A8E8 7100054A
    04000000 0036A934 7100054A
    [Medpack never decreases (on)]
    04000000 004DF12C 2A1503EA
    [Medpack never decreases (off)]
    04000000 004DF12C 4B1402AA
    [Scrap never decreases (on)]
    04000000 004DEF10 2A1503EA
    [Scrap never decreases (off)]
    04000000 004DEF10 4B1302AA
    [WeaponParts never decreases (on)]
    04000000 004DF8A4 D503201F
    [WeaponParts never decreases (off)]
    04000000 004DF8A4 4B010129
    [Gain 1x WeaponParts]
    04000000 004DF874 0B010129
    [Gain 2x WeaponParts]
    04000000 004DF874 0B010529
    [Gain 4x WeaponParts]
    04000000 004DF874 0B010929
    [Gain 8x WeaponParts]
    04000000 004DF874 0B010D29
    [Gain 16x WeaponParts]
    04000000 004DF874 0B011129
    [Gain 32x WeaponParts]
    04000000 004DF874 0B011529
    [Award 1x Exp]
    04000000 0036EE14 0B150108
    04000000 0036F5F0 0B080128
    04000000 0036FAF4 0B080128
    04000000 0036FAF8 0B160108
    [Award 2x Exp]
    04000000 0036EE14 0B150508
    04000000 0036F5F0 0B080528
    04000000 0036FAF4 0B080528
    04000000 0036FAF8 0B160508
    [Award 4x Exp]
    04000000 0036EE14 0B150908
    04000000 0036F5F0 0B080928
    04000000 0036FAF4 0B080928
    04000000 0036FAF8 0B160908
    [Award 8x Exp]
    04000000 0036EE14 0B150D08
    04000000 0036F5F0 0B080D28
    04000000 0036FAF4 0B080D28
    04000000 0036FAF8 0B160D08
    [Award 16x Exp]
    04000000 0036EE14 0B151108
    04000000 0036F5F0 0B081128
    04000000 0036FAF4 0B081128
    04000000 0036FAF8 0B161108
    [Award 32x Exp]
    04000000 0036EE14 0B151508
    04000000 0036F5F0 0B081528
    04000000 0036FAF4 0B081528
    04000000 0036FAF8 0B161508
    //edit: added "Unlimited Ammo"

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  9. sl3ge

    sl3ge Advanced Member

    Aug 30, 2018
    May i know what version is this?
    Mine 1.0 can use the code
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  10. Zumoly

    Zumoly GBATemp Analyst

    Apr 27, 2018
    Got them from Falo the day he made them and I must say they gave a new life to the game!
    I agree 'unlimited jetpack' isn't working though (maybe it's a later ability?). Thought it was backpack.
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  11. sl3ge

    sl3ge Advanced Member

    Aug 30, 2018
    Can i have Blazing Chrome cheat? It is such a fantastic game.

    Just want to enable all weapon will be fine.
    Maybe enable shield also..
    Thanks :)
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  12. kalild

    kalild Newbie

    Aug 27, 2019
    Hi, so I Got the Diablo 3 cheat and tried using them but nothing. I have the latest version running on Kosmos 13.2 atmosphere and I used this codes :

    [Money 777777777]
    04000000 00C41240 7100027F
    04000000 00C41244 54000081
    04000000 00C41248 D2A5CB60
    04000000 00C4124C F29E4E20
    04000000 00C41250 F8296900
    04000000 00C41254 F8696900
    04000000 00C41258 D65F03C0
    04000000 004DEC98 941D896A

    [Blood Fragment 500]
    04000000 00C41280 5293A509
    04000000 00C41284 7100067F
    04000000 00C41288 54000061
    04000000 00C4128C D2803E80
    04000000 00C41290 F8296900
    04000000 00C41294 D65F03C0
    04000000 00C41298 710044CE
    04000000 004DEC94 941D897B

    [All Material 777]
    04000000 00C412A0 9B280268
    04000000 00C412A4 5293A509
    04000000 00C412A8 7100027F
    04000000 00C412AC 540000A0
    04000000 00C412B0 7100067F
    04000000 00C412B4 54000060
    04000000 00C412B8 D2806120
    04000000 00C412BC F8296900
    04000000 00C412C0 D65F03C0
    04000000 004DEC90 941D8984

    [Inf HP]
    04000000 00C41200 B9403801
    04000000 00C41204 12800002
    04000000 00C41208 6B02003F
    04000000 00C4120C 54000040
    04000000 00C41210 B900071F
    04000000 00C41214 BD400701
    04000000 00C41218 D65F03C0
    04000000 00C4121C 12019E83
    04000000 0094ADD0 940BD90C

    [Inf Skill Guage]
    04000000 00463CFC 1E283908

    [Instant Kill]
    04000000 00C41220 B9403801
    04000000 00C41224 12800002
    04000000 00C41228 6B02003F
    04000000 00C4122C 54000041
    04000000 00C41230 1E214001
    04000000 00C41234 1E212800
    04000000 00C41238 D65F03C0
    04000000 00C4123C 1E0110EC
    04000000 0094ADD4 940BD913

    [Get More EXP]
    04000000 007767A0 D2C00E14

    [Get Lot of EXP]
    04000000 007767A0 D2DFE014

    [Get EXP Rate 100x]
    08000000 00C41274 00000064
    04000000 00C41260 10000014
    04000000 00C41264 F8414294
    04000000 00C41268 9B147C21
    04000000 00C4126C AA0103F4
    04000000 00C41270 D65F03C0
    04000000 007767A0 94132AB0

    [Skill no CoolDown]
    04000000 00712290 1E2703E0
    04000000 007CC060 2A0003E0
    04000000 0098AC0C 1E2703E8
    04000000 0098AEF8 1E2703E8

    [Move Speed Rate]
    04000000 00C412E4 40200000
    04000000 00C412E8 100044B1
    04000000 00C412D0 10000014
    04000000 00C412D4 BD401680
    04000000 00C412D8 1E290949
    04000000 00C412DC 1E200929
    04000000 00C412E0 D65F03C0
    04000000 000C7A64 942DE61B

    with this title ID 01001B300B9BE000 but nothing show up in Edizon when the game is launched. any help is appreciated.
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  13. TerpToke

    TerpToke GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 17, 2018
    United States
    Completely agreed lol. It took destruction to a whole new level haha. Is Falo on GBA? He seems to really know what he's doing and I wouldn't mind keeping up with him.

    Edit: If he were a snake, he would have bit me lol.
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  14. misaki4545

    misaki4545 Newbie

    Aug 24, 2019
    Please use it as it will be released
    Release Date October 22, 2019 (NA) and October 23, 2019 (EU)
  15. xMoria

    xMoria GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 11, 2014
    Thanks as usual pal. I've been waiting for this.

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  16. Demise

    Demise Newbie

    Aug 27, 2019
    United States
    Someone have cheats for the A.O.T.2 V1.0.12 Tittle id:010034500641A000
    I've been looking cheats for this version but I haven't found any or any updates on these cheats.
    I need some help.
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  17. merlin555

    merlin555 Master

    Oct 27, 2014
    I don't know anymore.
    More than 1.0.0.
    The addresses are dynamic.
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  18. patjenova

    patjenova GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 31, 2018
    @Falo is there a special way to extract the debug symbols for unreal engine games?
  19. Supreme23

    Supreme23 GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 13, 2017
    United States
    Thank you so much for this:toot:
  20. Falo

    Falo GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jul 22, 2012
    Nope, just a different way to find build in script functions.

    Example: Mutant Year Zero is called internally "ZoneUE4", most of its scripts have this string: "/Script/ZoneUE4"
    Each script has it's own set of functions, like "InventoryComponent"

    sub_5C17B0() is the InventoryComponent constructor, it tells you that the function table is at 48CC640 and has 40 functions
    one of the functions is called "ReduceAmmoForWeapon", most script functions call a sub function, this one is 0x5C2ED0 and calls 0x36A860,
    0x36A860 has 3 "SUBS W10, W10, #1" which reduces the ammo.

    the rest of the codes work in a similar way, just different scripts and different ways to mod.

    "/Script/ZoneUE4/ExpeditionActor" has RemoveScrap, RemoveMedpack, RemoveWeaponParts and AddWeaponParts
    "/Script/ZoneUE4/SquadAttributesComponent" has AwardKillExperience, AwardShootExperience and AwardWinExperience
    "/Script/ZoneUE4/TacticalPawn" has GetActionPoints

    So all of these can easily be found via string searching.
    The strange thing is, this only works on Switch, i can also find these functions in the pc version, but they work completly different and there is no way to link the script to it's functions.
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