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    Jan 24, 2016
    United States
    ok something is obviously wrong. when i try to use codes that i have converted to be used in some of the gamecube games and even the ones i can get from gecko on usbloader don't seem to want to work even though i have everything set up correctly and on the latest version of Nintendont. my set up currently is this: all the things needed to run usbloader,nintendont,ectra on my SD card while the games are on a USB. now i have tried having both the code and txt files in proper folders on the USB Side along with the games but that didn't work either even though i set the Path for codes to load to those folders.i tried it in reverse where everything was on the SD card and all the paths were set to the right paths but still no luck.i made sure the "cheats" option in nintendont was set to on and from usb loader have the Enable ocarina to on as well still no luck.am i missing something here? i don't know why it won't work even though i have the codes and settings all set up in the right order. Paper mario TTYD for example: i converted the code correctly that would give mario infinite money BUT when i try to use it,the game loads as normal and no changes whatsoever. help please?
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