Changing Arcade ROM Titles

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    I have looked at the following instructions at the end of this message in order to get my rom names correct on my wiiflow display.

    When I edit the plugin paths and add the dummy txt files, retroach won't load the games properly. It simply gets stuck on the loading screen and eventually I will get a black screen and reset.

    Just wondering if anybody has tried the below and successfully got it to work.


    Changing Arcade ROM Titles
    ROMs for Final Burn Alpha and MAME have to have a specific title to work. But that title looks ugly and is sometimes hard to tell what it is. WiiFlow doesn't provide custom titles for plugin ROM games. But here's a trick by Maxternal that allows you to change them to your liking.

    In the plugin .ini file look for these two lines (filetypes and arguments):

    Let's say you have a ROM named in sd:/ROMS like this:


    Now create a dummy file (0 byte file) with the name you want it to be (ex. Black Tiger). Here's how - Use a text editor such as notepad++ or whatever and create a new TXT file with no text and name it the name you want. The extension doesn't matter (.txt is fine).

    Put it in a subfolder of ROMS with the same name as the game (blktiger without the extension) so you'd end up with

    sd:/ROMS/blktiger/Black Tiger.txt

    and change the plugin INI file so that it says


    WiiFlow will now use the name of the TXT file as the title but still launch the correct rom ZIP file.
    The cover name must be the name of the TXT file with extension plus .png (ex. Black Tiger.txt.png).
    Don't forget to do Reload Cache after you make any changes.
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    Custom titles for roms is supported since r1020. A custom_titles.ini can be found in Abz pack. It's incomplete and more for mame names than fba but it's working well.