Change sprites in a GB game

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    Apr 14, 2016
    I want to make a rom hack and change some sprites and musics in a gameboy game (not a pokemon game). How can I do that ?

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    There was no great unified/alltogether common audio format on the GB/GBC. To that end you get to figure out the format you are using which is not a trivial feat. If you are thinking full remix or injecting something new (even from a sequel/another system) then it is definitely time to figure out the format, if you just need to snip a note or two or maybe change some volumes or get it to play a different track within the game then you can probably get it done without fully working it out. The GB/GBC does have some audio hardware worth speaking of, the general hardware docs for the system are pandocs and available in various places but will do.

    Sprite wise it is the same as every other system. Get a tile editor with formats you care for (most that do more than one system will have GB) and scan through the game, I quite like but tile molester and crystaltile2 and all the others should get something done. If you are good you can use a debugger to trace the particular sprites down, is probably the main debugging emulator and though it is for the GBA the following teaches good stuff . If it is compressed (a possibility on the GB/GBC) then deal with that, the GB/GBC does not have a common BIOS loaded format like the later handhelds but things are a tiny bit more consistent than they might have been on the NES and SNES.
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