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    I decided I would post this for awareness.

    Let us get started. 3DS hacking originated in the early firmware versions of the 3DS 4.0-4.5. This is when gateway released their first flashcart and emunand. Emunand is referred to as the safety net of 3DS hacking (at least by me :D). It patches the need for a CIA to be legit (signed) or purchased from the eShop (A.K.A: Piracy) This is not all emunand is used for. It is also used to install rom hacks (such as Pokemon Neo X/Y) Most people using homebrew are only here because they do not have access to a 3DS is firmware that is less than 9.2 or is at 9.2. Homebrew is the loading of unsigned code in the user land so no pircay can be achieved here. (Most people only use emunand for piracy so I will refer to it as piracy because it is faster to type, even though it is not right.) However, some homebrew apps can be installed as .cia files or the games and apps that you download from the eShop.
    What CIA files are
    Hopefully, now that you know what a cia is the rest will make sense. Cias pop up in the home menu like your system settings. Installing unsigned CIAs (pirated games) is the main usage behind CFW and emunand. As there might be a method to installing unsigned cias to your actual system, there is no way to launch them without firmware patches. Unsigned CIAs can be anything, including homebrew, rom hacks, and others such as system cias like the browser.
    Browser CIA usage
    As you can see there are many uses for an old firmware 3ds. The 2DS is the easiest and cheapest to get this sort of firmware on because everybody else charges outrageous prices for this firmware on a 3ds. just remember not to downgrade your system to 4.5 because you will lose access to your 2ds as their firmware only goes as low as 6.0. If you need any help installing emunand google is your friend as I have no experience in the process, only the knowledge.
    emuNAND and CFW in depth
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    While I appreciate the effort with this post I'd like to clear a few things up, for example CIAs can be installed without emuNAND (look at pastaCFW which only uses sysNAND) please make this clearer... Technically CFW IS homebrew (since it was code that was brewed at home) so keep this in mind as well... Be clearer on what emuNAND is and why it is useful as well, emuNAND is simply a copy of the internal NAND on the 3ds which can be used to update your console but keep the actual NAND on the 3ds on a lower version, it can also be used to test potentially risky operations that may otherwise render your console useless without a working NAND backup and a hardmod... In essence this can let you keep your system on a lower version to keep hacks available while letting you access the eShop and all of the latest and greatest games

    Don't take this too harshly, I'm mostly providing constructive criticism, mostly for the benefit of new users who might get misconceptions about things based on the way you've made this post
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