cant get configurable usb loader to work

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    Sep 13, 2009
    First off, let me tell you what i'm working with:

    -Western Digital 250gb Portable Hard Drive model WDE2500E1MSBK-01 (200gb partitioned to WBFS) Also, couldnt find it on the compatibility list... Maybe the problem?
    -Wii (ver 3.2E) running the latest homebrew channel
    -Configurable USB loader

    The loader opens, then says:

    Fat32 Mount: SD (standard)

    [+] Mounting Device, please wait...
    (30 Second Timeout)

    It then counts to 30 and says:

    ERROR! (ret = -6)
    Make sure USB slot 0 is used. (The one closest to the edge)

    At first, I thought I had my hard drive connected to the wrong USB port, so I changed it. Still got the same error.
    So, I decided to search it up. I wasnt really able to get a straight answer anywhere, but I did find something called the swap trick, where you plug in an un-partitioned USB and wait for it to say no WBFS found, then unplug it and put you're regular hard drive in, and it will work, so I tried that.

    I plugged in my 4gig USB and waited. It still counted to 30 and gave me the same error message as before. [​IMG]

    At this point, im completely out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    [EDIT] I fixed it. Just updated the CIOS to the latest version.