Can't find latest versions of some emulators

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    I want to update some emulators I have on my Wii (on SD) but I can only find the source files and not the files that you need to put on the SD (the apps folder with inside the .dol file, and the root folder with inside the roms folder, etc...). These are the emulators and their pages:

    - Snes9x GX:
    - VBA GX:
    - Genesis Plus GX:

    For example, VBA GX's latest version is 2.3.3 but I can only find the 2.3.2 (in a thread here on GBAtemp). Snes9x GX latest version is 4.3.5 and Genesis Plus GX latest version is 1.7.5.

    Is it because the programmers have only coded the source files, and the files to be used on the Wii haven't been created yet?

    For Genesis Plus GX, I got the apps folder with the .dol file but the root folder is missing: do I need it or will it be created automatically?
    Also, do I need to only update the new .dol file or do I also need to replace the root folder?
    And what is it a "fork" (like for the 2.3.2 version of VBA GX)?

    I feel I'm missing something, I'm really confused. Thank you very much for clarifications.

    Edit: I think I understand that's it's how I presumed and that only the source codes have been coded and that the genplus root folder is created automatically.

    The only thing I would like to understand is what is a "fork" version.
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    For Github projects click the "releases" tab.
    For Bitbucket projects click the Downloads tab on the left.

    All homebrew apps have to be in a folder named "apps" on your SD or USB. the folder should contain "boot.dol", "meta.xml" and "icon.png" for the app.

    A "fork" is a version of the project that splits off from the original and contains different changes from the official version. For example, Firefox is the official version of the web browser. Waterfox is a fork of that project.
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