Can't copy files from MicroSD

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    Jul 11, 2007
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    EDIT: Ignore this post, found the problem. Corrupt files in the save folder isn't us copy the files over when everything is selected.

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium (came with the computer), please don't just reply by telling me to stop using it, it doesn't help. Anyways, the problem I'm having is I can't copy files off my gf's microsd, we've tried in my computer and her computer (using the SD readers built into the laptops). It only happens when I'm trying to copy multiple files (still taking the shotgun apparoach and seeing what folders don't want to copy), and seems to work when I copy the folders and files individually. Anyone know whats up with that? It works perfectly fine copying the same essential file heirachy (same folders are hidden, virutally using the same folder names), the only difference is shes using 2GB while I have 1GB; bot MicroSDs are Kingston from Japan. Thanks for the help [​IMG]