Cannot Extract DVD9 games larger than 4.7GB.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by blazingwolf, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Hi everyone,

    I was copying over some back ups to my HDD, I was using Qwix to extract and then FTP the files over.

    I hit a snag when trying to extract Fable, Halo, Genma Ominusha, etc.

    I tried a few different apps including PowerISO, but cannot extract these. I noticed then these are all DVD9 Dual Layer discs that are failing. Single layers can be extracted.

    I even mounted the ISO into Windows to see if I could copy the files off, but when I mount it, I get the same files I get when I try to extract:

    A folder called VIDEO_TS with some video files amounting to about 11mb.

    How can I extract and copy over DVD9 games? I can't find a way to get the files from the ISO.
  2. alexander1970

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    Nov 8, 2018

    You can use the XBOX TOOL DVD2Xbox on the XBox.
    It takes a while (depends on what brand your DVD Drive is and how good it reads actual) but it works for all "restive" Games.
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    The Xbox uses it’s own format, so you can’t use regular dvd tools to extract as it.

    There is a DVD Video partition which is what you’re seeing when you mount it, similar to the Dreamcast’s cd partition.
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    Can you read? He said ISO. He has an ISO in DVD9 format which he wants to extract the files from

    He can use Xbox Image Browser to extract Xbox and Xbox 360 DVD9 ISOs

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    So why not tell him the tools he can use!? Instead of posting this inane response telling him what he can't use
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  5. tech3475

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    You do realise that you're posting in a topic which was created 3 seasons ago?

    If I didn't name a tool, it's likely because I either couldn't name one or I couldn't name one I'd recommend as it's been over half a decade since I last remember touching an xiso's contents (e.g. broken compatibility OS wise).

    I probably posted my post at the very least because I thought OP might want to know why it wasn't working and what they were seeing, possibly leading them to an answer when searching for something.
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